Follow These Guidelines For a Safe, Fun, and Memorable Snowmobile Adventure

Time of Delivery

  1. Please have driver’s license ready and your credit card or cash for your damage deposit.

On The Trails

  1. Rule Number One: Stay on the trail.
  2. Pay attention to trail signs and always stop before crossing roads.
  3. Your headlights will lead the way. Do not feel you need to race to “keep up”. Plan stops at each stop sign with your group. Drive defensively!
  4. Keep to the right of the trail when riding, and when meeting oncoming traffic. Always be aware of hand signals of other traffic. If you are the lead rider in your group, gesture to each passing sled the number of riders in your group (using the fingers of your left hand, indicate how many riders are in your group). Subsequent riders should also indicate how many riders are behind him or her. The last rider in your group should hold up a clenched fist, letting oncoming traffic know when your group is clear.
  5. When leaving the snowmobiles unattended, take the keys and helmet with you.
  6. Before leaving again, remember to let the sleds idle for 3 minutes before taking off, (parked for an hour of more).
  7. Check the oil reservoir at each fuel stop and top off with 2-stroke oil if needed.
  8. If the oil light comes on, check levels frequently. You may have to tow the snowmobile to the nearest gas station to fill with oil. DO NOT RUN the snowmobile if the oil reservoir is empty.
  9. Never use a glove to clear debris, snow or ice from the windshield or the shield on your helmet. This will damage them (hence, the damage deposit requirement).

Before Departure

  1. Inspect the snowmobile one last time. You are responsible for ANY damage incurred while renting the snowmobile.
  2. Verify that you have a copy of the rental contract and the inspection form.
  3. If renting a trailer as well, secure the snowmobiles, trailer, and hitch before departing.
  4. Verify that you have enough gas in the snowmobile to make it to your next stop. This should also be noted on the inspection sheet.
  5. Let each snowmobile idle for 3-4 minutes before departure.
  6. Each snowmobile should be able to run 50-70 miles between refueling. Plan your stops accordingly.

Upon Returning

  1. Return all items used on the trip. You are responsible for lost items and will be charged accordingly.
  2. Report any problems encountered or damage that occurred while the snowmobile was in your possession.
  3. Review the snowmobile with an Adventure North Rentals, LLC representative. Final signoff on damage report will happen at this time. Keep this report. It will protect you should any damage claims be made against you.
  4. You will be charged for oil used. We only sell oil by the quart.

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